What are your hours?2024-02-05T07:56:26-05:00

Doggy Daycare: Drop off 7am – 9am  |  Pick up 3pm – 5pm

Lodging: Pick up and drop off  |  9am – 10am and  5pm – 6pm

Where are you located?2023-04-25T12:06:58-05:00

Hidden Gem Pet Lodge, LLC
165 Emerald Lane, Reynoldsville, PA 15851
2 miles from Big Run using Penna Ave/Big Run Prescottville Road.
Give Us A Call: 814 601 2099

Can I board my 3 dogs together?2023-04-25T11:53:48-05:00

Depending on their size, they may all stay in one suite if they are used to living/eating together.

What happens if my Pet gets sick while I am away?2023-04-25T11:53:15-05:00

The good news in a bad situation, should it arise, is that HGPL has an agreement with a local Veterinarian for on-call service. We must be informed of any medical conditions your pet may have, and we will administer medications you bring for your pet at no additional charge. All animals that are sick or become sick or injured while boarding with us (including stress related illnesses such as coughs and diarrhea) will be treated at the owner’s expense.

How do you keep my animal companion safe at HGPL?2023-04-25T11:36:40-05:00

We want to ensure that your pet’s boarding experience is as pleasant as possible for you and your pet. We have designed our facilities and trained staff in order to provide the quality of care that they deserve, and you expect. We strive to make Hidden Gem Pet Lodge as clean and safe as possible for all our boarders and Daycare attendees! They must be neutered by 1 year to be a part of Doggy Daycare and non-spayed females must not be in heat. They must be current on Rabies, DHPP, Canine Influenza, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and have flea/tick protection for any service we offer. They must socialize well with other dogs and be in good overall health.

When can I drop off/pick up my pet from boarding?2023-04-25T11:36:14-05:00

Monday – Friday: Check in times: 2pm-6pm. Check out times: 9am-12pm.
Saturday & Sunday: Check in times 5pm-6pm. Check out times: 9am-10am.

Can my pets have visitors during their stay?2023-04-25T11:35:07-05:00

We welcome you to reserve time for a tour, however, we discourage visitors of our boarders. The reason for this is that your pet will not understand they are having a “visitor”. Even though they are having the time of their life, it will be a familiar face that they will have to say goodbye to, after only a short time, and this will cause the pet to have unnecessary anxiety. It would be very similar to a human parent or friend of the family going to visit a child at camp for 5 minutes then turning around and leaving them. We appreciate your understanding.

Could my dog get hurt in Doggy Daycare?2023-04-25T11:34:33-05:00

Those that electively choose to be a part of the Doggy Daycare program understand that dogs will play with each other and at times play is rough. Because we have concrete, grass and gravel, some dogs may go home with paw blisters or trauma, especially if they are not used to running/playing outside. HGPL makes every effort to offer proper supervision and properly screen dogs and owners prior to allowing a dog to be part of the daycare programs. By signing our “Doggie Daycare Release Form,” you acknowledge you want your dog in daycare and understand the preceding that your dog may experience rough play resulting in possible injury. HGPL is held harmless in such an event but is authorized to treat, care for, and will disclose to you if any situation occurs. Please see our Policies and Procedures for inclusive information.

How does the Doggy Daycare program work?2023-04-25T11:34:00-05:00

Hidden Gem Pet Lodge is excited to have a climate controlled, indoor facility for doggy daycare and three outdoor exercise areas for freedom to roam under the trained eye of our pet care staff. Dogs are separated by size, temperament, energy level and play style. Our Canine boarders can spend all day at Doggy Daycare if they choose, from early in the morning to late in the afternoon, romping and playing indoors and outside with lots of attention from our well-trained pet care and boarding staff! Nap and snack times are scheduled for some much-needed rest! A 10.00 late fee applies to any pet picked up after 6:00pm. Excessive late pick-up will result in your pet being temporarily ineligible for daycare.

Can I board my cat too?2023-04-25T11:26:40-05:00

Our Kitty Kottages are in their own room, apart from the suites and offer a more peaceful environment for feline friends. Multi-level condos provide a resting spot as well as separate levels for eating and litter box use. Our kitty guests are also given play time to roam around the Kitty Korner room and enjoy gazing at the covered fish tank and large bird feeder outside their window.

How do you pay special attention to older dogs?2023-04-25T11:26:18-05:00

Older dogs can rest easy in their personal luxury suite and do not have to be a part of the Doggy Daycare program. Older dogs will be taken out individually during Doggy Daycare rest times.

What about IN-HEAT Dogs and Cats?2023-04-25T11:25:38-05:00

Hidden Gem Pet Lodge policy is that no animal in heat is to be in the facility. It is the owner’s responsibility to notify HGPL of an animal in heat. If an animal is determined to be in heat upon arrival, HGPL reserves the right to have the owner pick up the animal immediately. Dangers of having animals in heat are, more aggressive behavior from other animals in the facility, and female inadvertent pregnancy. HGPL also does not board intact (not neutered) male cats.

Who watches the animals at night?2023-04-25T11:23:50-05:00

Staff is present 24/7. We have a SimpliSafe alarm and monitoring system.

What is boarding like at Hidden Gem Pet Lodge?2023-04-25T11:22:51-05:00

All luxury boarding suites with inclusive pricing sets us apart from our competitors. We supply three types of beds for cleanliness and comfort. You are welcome to bring your pets’ favorite blanket or toys. Please see our Policies and Procedures regarding “Items brought from home.” Our canine guests will have the option of a fresh homemade cookie daily and participating in doggy daycare during their stay at no additional charge. This will allow them to play and interact with dogs of similar size and disposition under constant supervision. Your dog will be happy and tired! If you do not wish for your dog to participate in daycare, or if they are not eligible, we will provide several opportunities to go outside and stretch their legs, and interaction one on one with our resort staff.

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